VCMS, Ellington are Co-CT River Valley Champs

ELLINGTON — It was a battle between two border towns. It was a championship bout between two of the best middle school girls soccer teams in the state. And after Wednesday’s 2-2 tie in the Connecticut River Valley League title match, neither Vernon Center nor Ellington proved less worthy of being a champion.

“Both teams were really great,” Ellington head coach Katie Sokolowski said. “We both worked really hard we both wanted it. It turned out as a tie, I know the girls wanted to win. But it was a great game. It was great to see them try as hard as they could.”

“It’s very fitting actually,” Vernon head coach Amy Steed said. “Our girls had a big goal, and the goal was to win a championship this year. I couldn’t be more proud.”

After a 3-1 Ellington win, and 2-2 tie during the regular season, Vernon Center and Ellington needed two excitement-filled extra sessions to determine they were both deserving of being titlists.

“We played them twice, a lot of the girls play on travel teams,” Sokolowski said. “They all know each other. Both times we played them in the regular season, we tied them once and then we beat them in the second one.”

Tied at one goal apiece after 70 minutes of play, each team failed to score a goal during the first of two five-minute overtime periods.

When the second began, the floodgates seemed to open.

First, Vernon struck and took its second lead of the game, with an Emma Barden goal set up by a missed shot and rebound off a Hannah Sullivan assist.

“Going into the overtime I was feeling pretty good,” Steed said. “And then after we scored, I thought ‘all we have to do is play defense and get the ball out,’ but soccer is a funny game. We both played hard today and both teams deserve with they got.”

Not minutes later, Danielle Paparian lined up a penalty kick at the other end of the pitch and missed it off the crossbar. Remarkably, she got her own rebound, fired another shot on net, and wound up tying the game at two as seconds ticked away in the second overtime.

When the extra time had ended, the teams agreed to be co-champions.

“It was a wild finish,” Steed said. “Giving up that PK with 30 seconds left, that hurts.”

In the early going, Vernon’s Haley Barfield scored at the 14:58 mark to put the Eagles on the board.

After leading 1-0 at halftime, Ellington’s Parparian responded with a game tying goal midway through the second.

“We have a lot of talent on this team and our goal this year was to just get it all together. We have nine eighth graders. We are going to lose a lo of talent next year. Danielle played on a travel team and she’s probably going to play in college.”

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    October 24, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Rule 14-1 2010-11 NFHS Soccer Rules PENALTY KICK SITUATIONS: (14-1-2 and 14-1-3)
    RESULT OF PK Enters Goal
    Goes Directly Out-of-Bounds
    Rebounds into Play From Goal/ Goalkeeper
    Saved & Held by Goalkeeper
    Deflected Out-of-Bounds By Goalkeeper
    Play Continues
    Play Continues
    Corner Kick
    Rekick Goalkick
    Indirect FK Play Continues
    Indirect FK
    ART. 4 . . . The ball shall be kicked while it is stationary on the ground from the spot or any place on the penalty mark. To be in play, the ball shall be moved forward. Once the kicker starts his/her approach toward the ball, he/she may not interrupt his/her movement. Failure to kick the ball as specified shall result in a rekick.
    ART. 5 . . . After the penalty kick is properly taken, the ball may be played by any player except the one who executed the penalty kick. The kicker may not play the ball until it has been touched or played by another player on either team. PENALTY: Indirect free kick awarded to the opponents from the spot of the foul.
    ART. 6 . . . If the ball touches the goalkeeper before passing between the goal posts, when a penalty kick is taken at or after the expiration of time, it does not nullify any goal. If necessary, play may be extended so that the penalty kick may be taken. If a penalty kick is taken after the expiration of time (7-1-4 Exception), (a) only the kicker may play the ball and he/she may only play the ball once; (b) the ball is in play until its momentum is spent, it goes out of bounds, or is retouched by the kicker.
    14.1.2 SITUATION: Team A has been awarded a penalty kick. As the players are
    lining up for the kick, the referee notices a player from Team B lined up five yards

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