Student Athlete of the Month: Glastonbury’s Orlando

Marlon has overcome the odds as a new student at Glastonbury High School and in addition to fine work in the classroom he shines on the soccer field as well. He cites his making the varsity soccer team as “the hardest three days of my life.”
How Marlon prepares before a game: I listen to an inspirational soccer poem, meditate to calm my nerves and visualize what I will do in the game.
How Marlon has improved this offseason: I have improved by running track which increased my sprinting speed, and playing Hartwell soccer which got me well-needed game experience.
Marlon’s most memorable moment as a Tomahawk: The scrimmage vs. Simsbury when I hit a full on volley with two seconds to go and it went top corner.
Why Marlon is excited for 2013-14: Winning the state championship and playing with my teammates.
Marlon’s favorite pro athlete: Christiano Ronaldo, very versitile.
Marlon’s plans after he graduates: Hopefully get a scholarship for college through soccer and attend a Division I school.

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