Student Athlete of the Month: Fermi’s Juhasz

Austen is not only a talented varsity soccer captain but has made three-straight appearances on the Fermi high honor roll. During his sophomore year, he recieved an award for excellence in basic electronics.
How Austen prepares before a game: I sit in school before the game just thinking about the game and visualizing how I am going to play. I focus on the game and nothing else for hours before the game.
How Austen has improved this off-season: My ability to read the game and anticipate what is going to happen next has greatly improved. Also, my footwork and technical skills have improved due to the amount of time I played in the high school off season.
Austen’s most memorable moment as a Falcon: As a sophomore I was called up to play in the State Tournament. I didn’t get playing time during our run into the tournament that year. However, I was called up again and got playing time during our run into the Tournament the next year.
Why Austen is excited about 2013-14: Being a senior on the Varsity squad is an exciting all in itself. I get a lot of playing time and a lot of recognition from my coach. I am proud of how much the team had improved since our first game.
Austen’s plans after he graduates:  Attend College for Aeronautical Sciences and become a Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Military. I am applying to the United States Air Force Academy as well as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to help me towards this goal.

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