Local Middle Schoolers run final mile at Rentschler Field

EAST HARTFORD — Middle school students from across the state assembled just outside of Rentschler Field Tuesday morning to join together to run 1.1 miles and to support putting an end to childhood obesity.

The final trek, sponsored by ING, is the last part of a month long marathon students have run in their schools, a mile at a time, to train for the Run For Something Better finale.

“They’ve been working out for the last two weeks,” Douglas McCrory, assistant principal at Public Safety Academy in Enfield, said. “Every day our kids ran one mile to get ready for this race they got excited, about six of them beat me I cant believe it.”

Local schools Vernon Center Middle School, Timothy Edwards School (South Winsdor), Winsdor Locks Middle School and Public Safety Academy (Enfield) participated in the event.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Timothy Edwards phys-ed teacher Jennifer Hall said. “ING really put on an amazing event to accommodate all these kids. The kids love it, it is motivating for then, and the timing is such that our fitness test is next week.”

More than 186,000 students nationwide have participated in Run For Something Better, and the program has logged over 5.5 million miles.

“Physical fitness is a very important subject in our country right now,” McCrory said. “Unfortunately too many of kids are not in shape. This was a great opportunity for kids to show off their talents, stay fit, and meet a whole lot of kids from around the state all working to do the same thing.”

After some dance music to help the kids warm and loosen up, students from Timothy Edwards sang the national anthem, and the schools began to run the final 1.1 miles. After the run was completed, giveaways and even more athletic activity took place, as kids took turns shooting into soccer goals and used other sports equipment.

“It’s a life experience, to be able to come here and run and train for something,” Hall said. “Hopefully these kids will pick up the joy of running and do a race when they are older.”

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