Rockville Student Athlete of the Month: Cameron Marciano

Cameron “Vito” Marciano

Rockville High School

Sports played: Football, lacrosse

Academic Honors and Awards: high honors, scholastic arts honorable mention, art underclassman award

Athletic Honors and Awards: football captain, Ram award

How do you prepare before a game? Throughout the week of practice prior to a game, I try my best to get every play perfect so when game time comes, it’s all muscle memory.

What has been the best moment thus far this season? Holding up Ellington 0-0. It was the last game I saw everyone giving it their all.

What has been your biggest highlight to date in your high school uniform? Beating East Catholic and sliding through the mud on our sideline after the game in my freshman year.

Who has been your biggest sports influence? My brother Jon introduced me to both of my sports.

Who is your favorite pro or college athlete? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, University of Miami, mainly because of his success in show business.

What are your plans beyond high school? I hope to bring the same athletic intensity to the big screen and write and direct films one day.


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