Spotlight: Alec Drzewiecki

Sports played: Cross Country, Indoor Track and Field, Outdoor Track and Field

Academic accomplishments: I have made the High Honor Roll six times and Honors with Distinction twice.

Athletic accomplishments: I have received the most improved award for Cross Country and the Dedication Award for Outdoor Track and Field. This past outdoor season, I made States for the 4×800 meters.

How I prepare for a game: The way I prepare for a race is by getting myself in a positive mindset. On the days leading up to a race, I picture myself doing well and running a good time, and can’t help but get excited for the competition. The day of the race, I am sure to stay hydrated and I get excited to run. I become eager to see how my training will pay off and how I will hold up against the other runners. But the most important thing is that I always think positive, and I know I am capable of finishing the race strong.

Most exciting moment of this past season: The most exciting moment of this past season was during the first scrimmage for cross country. I found it very exciting as I finished in third place with a time of 18:02. Up to that point, I had never finished so well against other cross country runners, so it was very exciting for me as it was the first time I was in the lead pack of a race.

Most memorable moment as a high school athlete: My most memorable moment as a high school athlete so far had to have been the first race that I broke 19:00 in. When I started running as a freshmen in high school, I was in the back of the JV races, and considered myself very slow. As I continued into indoor and outdoor track, I managed to get faster, and was able to break 6:00 in the mile. But it wasn’t until my sophomore cross country season when my running turned from slow to fast. I continued to work hard throughout indoor and outdoor track and into the summer, and I am now the fastest varsity runner on the team. But that sophomore cross country race was what started everything for me.

Favorite pro or college athlete: My favorite pro athlete that is running today is definitely Andrew Weaning. In the summer, I went to the Nike Green Mountain Running Camp, and he was at the camp for the entire six days my teammates and I were there. He gave a presentation about his running and showed us videos of his races, and it was very inspirational for me to watch him race. I also found it very cool to have met a professional runner in person, as I mostly see them on television or online.

College plans: While I am not sure exactly what college I want to go to, I do have an idea of what I want to pursue in school and potentially as a career. Running in college is definitely a priority for me, as I want to continue my running career past high school. I also want to pursue music, as it has been a major part of me for almost my entire life. Ultimately, I want my college experience to allow me to pursue both my passion for running and my passion for music.




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