Tolland SAM: Caitlin Swanson

Caitlin runs year-round for the Eagles, excelling in cross country and indoor and outdoor track. She has been accorded All-New England, All-State and All-Conference honors in all sports, has been an All-American in track, and has received the Bo Kolinsky Female Athlete of the Year Award. In the classroom, she is an honor roll student.                                                                                                

How do you prepare before a game/meet? I prepare for a meet by having pasta parties with my teammates the night before. In the morning I always have homemade oatmeal pancakes. On the bus I listen to my music and visualize the race.

What are you most looking forward to in regard to your fall season? I’m looking forward to states with my teammates and trying to win our third State Open championship. Also, all the meets, bus rides, and pasta parties spent with my teammates just goofing around.

What has been your biggest highlight to date in your high school uniform? There have been so many unforgettable memories throughout my high school career. I treasure every meet with my teammates. The biggest highlight would probably be winning all three state open championships as a team during cross country, indoor and outdoor track. The feeling was indescribable.

Who has been your biggest sports influence? My biggest sports influence is my older sister Kelsey. She has always pushed me to do my best and has been an amazing role model with running. She is also a great training partner.

Who is your favorite pro or college athlete? Jenny Simpson is my favorite pro runner. She has so much strength and courage when it comes to racing. No matter what happens in a race she always has a positive attitude and enjoys the sport, that is why she is a great role model.

What are your plans beyond high school? I am definitely going to run in college and keep running afterwards for as many years as I can. I also want to become a nurse at a children’s hospital.



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