East Windsor SAM Gabriela Resto

Gabriela is a senior runner on the Panthers’ cross country and track teams. She has received Scholar Athlete awards, the 3D Award (Dedication, Determination, Discipline) and the Coaches Award. In the classroom, she is an honors student and has received the Harvard Book Award.

How do you prepare before a meet? I prepare throughout the day by fueling myself with complex carbs, especially for lunch, and hydrating as much as possible. Listening to music on the way to the meet prepares me mentally and helps to get out my nerves. Then I warm up with my team by doing 1-2 mile run and stretching right before the race.

What are you most looking forward to in regard to your fall season? I’m most looking forward to seeing how much I can improve. I’ve been working harder this season than ever before to build up endurance and maintain consistency throughout my races. I hope to see drops in my time each meet, and the goal by the end of the season is to set a new personal record.

What has been your biggest highlight to date in your high school uniform? My biggest highlight to date would have to be the NCCC meet last year because that was the day I set my standing PR. Running distance has always been difficult for me, for I’m actually a sprinter in track. I was proud of myself to see that I could drop my times by so much in one season; I never imagined that was possible.

Who has been your biggest sports influence? My biggest sports influence has undoubtably been my coach Dan Ward. He is an EWHS alum, and was a distance runner his whole high school career. Year-round he motivates me to run faster, work harder, and be better than the athlete I was the previous day. Even in times when I don’t think I can push myself anymore, he has been there supporting me, reminding me of my goals. Through both cross country and track he has shown me that anything is possible if you put in the time and effort.

Who is your favorite pro or college athlete? Aside from running cross country, as I mentioned, I’m a sprinter in track. My main event is the hurdles. Lolo Jones is a huge inspiration to me, and seeing how much she has overcome in her life and the adversity she faced in the Olympics really moved me. Her work ethic is phenomenal, and her accomplishments are what every athlete strives to match.

What are your plans beyond high school? After high school, I hope to attend the University Connecticut and major in Pharmacy. Working in the medical field has always been my biggest aspiration.


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