Enfield SAM: Mike Knapp

Mike is a member of the Raider soccer and golf teams, and served as a soccer captain. In the classroom, he has been an honor roll student each year at Enfield.

How do you prepare before a game/match? I like to listen to music while I stretch and try and put everything else out of my head but today’s game or match.

What has been your biggest highlight to date in your high school uniform? This year in golf I finally broke 40 and shot a score of 37 at Cedar Knob.

Who has been your biggest sports influence? My biggest sports influence has always been my parents. Over all of these years, they have given me the opportunity to try any sport I was interested in. They have always supported my interests. Their only request has been “if you start something, you finish it.”

Who is your favorite pro or college athlete? Since I started playing goalkeeper about 10 years ago, it has always been Tim Howard.

What are your plans beyond high school? I plan on attending Asnuntuck Community College for two years and then transferring to Western New England to complete my degree in Criminal Justice.




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