Suffield SAM: Erin McGann

Erin is a senior three-sport athlete, competing in field hockey and both indoor and outdoor track and field. She has won Scholar-Athlete awards, Rookie of the Year (Outdoor Track 2014), Most Improved Player (Field Hockey 2014) and Coaches Awards (Indoor Track 2015, Outdoor Track 2015). Academically, she has received Pre-calculus Honors, Algebra II Honors, English I Honors, Dartmouth Book Award, Continued Excellence in English Book Award and Young Filmmaker Award.

How do you prepare before a game/meet? I like to set goals for myself to accomplish in the upcoming event, either to limit my fouls or a distance I want to throw and I encourage others to make times/distances/goals for themselves as well.

What has been your biggest highlight to date in your high school uniform? Either playing in our senior night this year for field hockey and winning against Stafford, a huge competitor and great team, or placing second at the Class M Indoor Track and Field Championships for shot put this winter. That was very exciting because it was my first season of indoor track and my second year of track total, so it felt very affirming and encouraging to do that well.

Who has been your biggest sports influence? My entire family has always been very active, so no one ever really influenced me into sports, it just sort of happened and my parents let me explore new sports and end other sports when I felt they had run their course. My dad has always been a huge supporter of any and all of my sports. He has always encouraged me to do my best and not give up.

Who is your favorite pro or college athlete? We watch a lot of golf in our house and I am a huge fan of Charles Howell III, Rory McIlroy, and Adam Scott. I think the focus and accuracy as well as consistency needed in golf is striking and something to strive for in every sport.

What are your plans beyond high school? I’m attending Grove City College in the fall to study Computer Science. I intend on joining their D-III track and field program as well as playing club field hockey. I would maybe like to work in the FBI in the future.



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