RHAM SAM: Tim Breckel

Name: Tim Breckel

Sports played: Tennis

Academic accomplishments: Valedictorian, AP Scholar, High Honors every semester, National Honor Society member.

Athletic accomplishments: Captain for senior year, CCC All-Conference Team, CCC All-Academic Team, Coach’s Award, Varsity member all four years of high school.

How I prepare for a game: I prepare for a game physically by making sure I’ve had a snack of some kind and am well-hydrated, in addition to doing a few stretches and jogs to warm up my muscles. Mentally, I do my best to eliminate any stress from my mind and stay both calm and focused.

Most memorable moment of this past season: Playing a long three-set match against Glastonbury, a team that we usually lose to, and grinding it out on a very hot day. Although the result was not what I would have liked, this match definitely stands out strongly in my mind.

Most memorable moment as a high school athlete: Winning my personal match and therefore helping my team beat rival E.O. Smith last year, which clinched us the CCC East title.

Favorite pro or college athlete: Novak Djokovic

College plans: I will be attending Boston College starting this August.


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