Rocky Hill SAM: Alex Brown

Alex is a senior who has competed in indoor and outdoor track for three years, and played soccer for four years. In track, he competes in the 55-meter, 200-meter and 300-meter events.

Sports played: Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Soccer

Athletic accomplishments: All-conference for both soccer and track

How I prepare for a game:
I listen to music and tune the world out. I focus on what I need to do to win. On game day, my mindset is a lot different. I’m just focused on what I need to do. I’m in pre-game all day.

What do you hope to accomplish this season:

I’d like to go back to the New England Regionals and do better than I did last year.

Favorite pro or college athlete:

I have two. Ronaldinho for soccer, and Kevin Durant for basketball.

College plans:

I’m not sure where I’m going yet, because I’m still deciding between track and soccer. If I could do both, I would. I’m leaning toward soccer. If it’s soccer, my choice would be Springfield College. For track, it would be either Umass or Southern [CT State University]

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