SW SAM Vinny Bacho

Vinny has been on the honor roll for two years with an average GPA of 3.64. He is co-captain of the football team this year and has varsity letters in lacrosse and football.


Sports Played: Football and Lacrosse

How Vinny prepares for a game: I don’t really have any pregame rituals. I just drink lots of water and think about what I need to do to succeed.

What Vinny is most excited about this season: I’m most excited about being able to go out and play the game I love with my family.

Vinny’s most memorable moment as a high school athlete: I’ve thought about this question for a while and come to the conclusion that my athletic experience can’t be summarized in one spectacular moment. It’s a collection of all the countless hours spent at practice and games mixed with the numerous life lessons that football teaches. Those are my best memories.

What Vinny hopes to accomplish this season: I hope that we get some wins!

Vinny’s favorite pro or college athlete: Russell Wilson; GO HAWKS!

Vinny’s college plans: I’m not quite sure on a major yet, but I hope to go to some college in Boston.

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