Suffield SAM: Katie McDonough

Katie McDonough of Suffield High School

Katie McDonough of Suffield High School

Senior Katie McDonough of Suffield High School was an All-NCCC soccer player as a junior who is currently captain of the Wildcats. She has made the honor roll every year, has received English achievement awards and all-academic athlete awards.

How do you prepare for a game? I’m a very superstitious person, so I do the same routine. I have two lucky hair ties that I always wear (when they break I will literally cry). I then put my right shinguard slide on before my left, then put both of my shin guards on. I put my right cleat on before my left always, just because. I believe it helps, but maybe it doesn’t.

What is the biggest highlight in your high school uniform to date? Junior year, beating Avon, 5-0. The feeling of beating your all time rival by that many amps anyone up. I played one of my best games and coach congratulated me in the huddle after the game. It’s the little things during the game that you remember. Avon had no idea what was coming, and we gave it to them right on our own turf field.

Who is your favorite pro or college athlete? Mia Hamm. I grew up knowing that she was the best of the best, and I still consider that today. She inspired me so much as a child, so she’s an athlete that I will never forget.

What are your plans beyond high school? I am still working hard to play soccer in college, with offers aside, my favorite schools are still Quinnipiac (D1) and Stonehill (D2). Both offer a numerous amount of opportunities academically and athletically. I am also looking at Union College (D3). I either want to major in English with a business minor aiming towards law school because I love to read, write and analyze, or something in medicine such as PT or PA.

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