Enfield BOE to Consider Early Sports Consolidation

Photo credit: Tim Jensen

Photo credit: Tim Jensen

After a 90-minute discussion at its Sept. 9 meeting, the Enfield Board of Education is seeking more input before resuming the conversation regarding the merging of athletic teams at Enfield and Fermi high schools for the 2015-16 school year.

In mid-June, a request to combine the athletic programs for the current year was denied by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference. However, the CIAC does have a provision that may allow for combination of the programs in 2015-16, one year prior to the scheduled consolidation of the schools.

Section 4.25 reads:

If a board of education, in its response to the need to consolidate/separate schools, takes official action 
which either reduces, increases or balances the grades 9-12 enrollment of a given high school, the 
following conditions must be met in order to accommodate proper placement for tournament play.

A minimum of two years advance notice must be provided to CIAC before the change is actually made. 
Thus, if a board votes to consolidate/separate two high schools and can give the projected enrollment as 
of October 1, two years from October 1 of the reporting year, the adjustment in classification can be 
made. If more advance notice can be provided to the CIAC, and the official board of education action is 
submitted to the CIAC Board of Control, it could be possible to merge the school’s teams and adjust the 
school’s classification prior to actual building consolidation or separation. This early merger and 
resulting classification would be for only one year. Where a board of education has not taken official action to merge, under no circumstances would schools which retain their separate identities be allowed to consolidate individual sports teams.

The school board heard from more than a half-dozen parents and students at its Sept. 9 meeting, most of whom were against early consolidation. Some board members said they didn’t feel they had enough information to move forward on a decision; some even said the input offered that evening made them reconsider their previously-held notions.

At its next meeting on Sept. 23, the board will decide whether or not to ask the CIAC for early sports consolidation. The CIAC Board of Control has a meeting scheduled for Sept. 25, and CIAC officials told Enfield leaders that a Sept. 23 decision would leave enough time to be included in the CIAC meeting.

For those unable to attend the Board of Education meeting, an input form may be filled out on the Enfield Public Schools’ web site, www.enfieldschools.org.

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