Ellington Wiffle Ball League Continuing After 15 Years

Back in 1999, a group of friends in Ellington used to gather after school to play basketball and football – and then they discovered wiffle ball.

By the end of that year, wiffle ball fever had taken over the group and it became a regular event in the neighborhood.

To this day, some of the core members of this group are still playing.

In 2003, the group decided to take the game to a new level and started a wiffle ball league. That year, two split seasons were played. Two teams, Team Girth and Team Gators, were created and played a full regular season schedule. After completion of the regular season there were even playoffs.

At the end of the 2003 season, the league has grown too big for where they had been playing – the field was ideal for 3-on-3 play, but now games were seeing five players on a team and a move to a larger facility seemed necessary.

In 2006, a league high 85 games were played and the league absolutely thrived throughout the summer. Many new players joined the league and numbers were not the problem. The future of the EWBL looked promising.

However, after 2006, league participation and interest began to dwindle and only 40 games were played in 2007 and only about 25 games were played in 2008. The EWBL did not play in 2009 and 2010 and many thought the league was dead forever.

After much talk in the Winter 2011, the original group of players made one final push to try to bring back the league, and that year came back and played almost 40 games from April to June. The EWBL saw many original members along with some new players and numbers again were up in the league.

Since then, the Ellington Wiffle Ball League has been back from the dead and continues to play games, though not nearly as many as before. As many members move into their late 20s, the opportunities to play may be less, but the group still gets together to play games three or four times a season.

Original member Erick Knickerbocker estimates that 200 players have participated in the Ellington Wiffle Ball League.

Knickerbocker hopes to create a league through the Parks and Recreation Department where four to eight teams would be created and they would play weekly. The league would also have standings and playoffs.

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