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Ellington Scholar Athlete Schirra - TheSportsDept.com

Ellington Scholar Athlete Schirra

Name: Erin Schirra

School: Ellington High School


Sports Played: Soccer, Lacrosse, Indoor Track and Field, Outdoor Track and Field


Accomplishments (athletic and academic): Scholar athlete for all twelve seasons, Good Sportsmanship and Most Enthusiastic awards for soccer, Connecticut Girls Soccer Coaches’ Association Scholar Athlete Award, CAS Scholar Athlete Award recipient, captain of 2013-2014 indoor and outdoor track and field teams, high honor roll for all quarters of high school, National Honor Society.

Most memorable thing about high school: When I was named Homecoming Queen this past October. I never imagined myself as the type of person to be a homecoming queen, and when they first called my name at the pep rally, I thought it was a mistake. Not only did this day stick in my memory due to my surprise, but also, this little title helped me learn to feel confident in my own skin.

Biggest influence in life: My family and my faith are the biggest influences in my life. My mom taught me to unselfishly give to others and to spread joy to as many people as possible every day, and my dad taught me to believe in myself and that determination and strong work ethic can lead to success. My brothers inspired me to try and touch the lives of those around me, and my faith is what keeps me grounded, helping me through the roughest days or leading me to the brightest ones.

If I could change one thing in the world, it would be: For everyone to truly and genuinely love themselves. I know it isn’t possible, but one of the hardest things I had to deal with in high school was searching for self-confidence and actually appreciating who I was. So many people in this world don’t realize just how amazing they are, and I wish more people would embrace themselves and spread their inner-joy to the people around them.

What it means to be named Scholar Athlete of the Year: I was shocked when I got the call that I was the Scholar Athlete of the Year. I am most honored to have been named this, and although I’m from a small town and I’m an even smaller piece of the puzzle of the world, I’d like to think that my receiving of this award will make at least one student approaching or attending high school realize that balancing sports and school is rather possible, and anyone can succeed with determination and strong work ethic.

College plans: Attend Quinnipiac University to complete the Physician’s Assistant program.

Plans after college: My dream is to work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a Physician’s Assistant, specializing in pediatric oncology. Although it is extremely difficult to get a job there, I one day hope to walk through the doors of St. Jude’s every day to care for and give second chances to the beautiful children who have suffered so much. I would also like to travel to underprivileged countries to do mission work later on in my life.

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