Rockville SAM Pelletier

Sport played: Wrestling

Jon has been on the All-Academic team during the wrestling season the last two years. He came in 6th place at the Class M Tournament – qualifying for the State Tournament, 2nd at the Plainville Invitational, 3rd at the Bobcat Classic, 3rd at the Casey Yates Memorial Tournament, and was All-Conference the last two years.

How Jon prepares for a match: I usually try to clear my mind from anything else that’s going on around me. I see in my mind how the match is going to go; playing out scenarios and thinking about moves I’m going to run. All that matters is how I’m going to take the other guy down to mat. I’ll watch the other team to see if there are any team moves I should look out for and then I step on the mat, ready to go.

What Jon was most excited about this past year: I was most excited about just getting back on the mat. I didn’t have my best performance at the M’s last year while I was wrestling a weight class up. Dropping down to 182 really helped a lot and got me motivated to give it my all this year.

Jon’s most memorable moment as a high school athlete: There are far too many to choose just one. Wrestling is a sport where you only have 6 minutes to make your mark and you only need one second and one move to make an unforgettable memory.

Jon’s biggest accomplishment this year: Making it to the state tournament. It has been a long term goal of mine since my freshman year and now that I’m a senior and about to graduate, I can step off the mat knowing I reached my goal.

Jon’s favorite pro or college athlete: Ed Ruth (Penn State’s 182 lb. wrestler). He is an amazing wrestler with some huge accolades to back it up. His wrestling style is just unstoppable and he himself is a very down to earth and normal guy and I like seeing someone that successful still humble.

Jon’s college plans: I do not plan on going to college any time soon. Perhaps later in life for a few classes, but I am currently a Marine Corps Poolee and I will be shipping out for boot camp a few months after graduation.

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