SWHS SAM Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly is a volleyball and basketball player who is an honors student. She excels in art, English, and child development.

How Kimberly prepares before a game: I listen to music with my teammates. I also support and watch the freshman/JV games.

What Kimberly is most excited about with regards to the winter season: The most exciting part about playing basketball is being able to play with the girls that I have played with since fifth or sixth grade. These girls – who are not only teammates, but sisters – have been a big part of my life. They have made me love this sport even more. I am also excited to be playing with girls that have the same passion and enthusiasm as I do and that transfers onto the court each and every game.

Kimberly’s most memorable thus far moment in her high school uniform: The most memorable moment in my high school uniform is my sophomore year when I hit a buzzer beater to win the JV game. I know that this moment was special because I helped my team be successful and to win. There are still many memories to make with the South Windsor girls’ varsity team and I intend to savor every moment on and off the court.

What Kimberly hopes to accomplish with her winter team: Our team hopes to continue to play hard and work together. We also hope to win that last game.

Kimberly’s college plans:  I have plans to either attend Castleton State College or Johnson State College in Vermont, where I want to play on a collegiate sports team. My intended major at either of those colleges is elementary education.

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