Student-Athlete of the Month: Somers’ Renaud

Madison Renaud, known better as Madi, is a basketball player at Somers High School. She attained a career-high 13 points in a game during her sophomore season.

How does Madi prepare before a game? I listen to music and talk to my teammates.

What is she most excited about with regards to the basketball season? We have been working very hard this season and have come a long way. Next season, we are going to have a good group of girls that are going to be ready to work hard and compete with the teams in our conference.

What is her most memorable moment to date in a high school uniform? My favorite career moment is when I made my first three-pointer this year in a big game against Ellington. My teammates couldn’t believe I actually made it because I’m a post player. My coaches were also surprised.

What is the toughest challenge Madi has overcome? The toughest challenge I’ve overcome is being confident about myself on the court. My coach helped to show me how to become confident while I’m playing.

Who is her favorite pro or college athlete? Kiah Stokes is my favorite athlete. I model my game after her too because she might not be the strongest player on the team or have the best stats, but she still works hard and tries her best.

What are her college plans? I plan to attend college, get a job, and play sports for a club team.

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