Ellington SAM Jamie Choate

Jamie is a member of the National Honor Society, is a High Honors student, and is Student Council President. She was part of the NCCC’s championship cheerleading team for the past three years. Jamie is a student athlete, has won a coach’s award, and is the cheerleading captain. 

How Jamie prepares before a game: Before a competition, my team and I warm up our routines and bond as a team so that we can work together as a team when we take the mat.

What Jamie is most excited about with regards to the winter season: This winter season, I am looking forward to our competitions because we have been working hard since football season to perfect our competition routine. I am also looking forward to spending time with my team and my amazing coaches since this is the last season of my high school career. 

Jamie’s most memorable thus far moment in her high school uniform: Coming in first place at the Windsor Warriors competition last year is definitely my favorite memory of my cheerleading career. It meant a lot to my team, my coach, and I to win that competition because we were up against a lot of extremely talented teams. We worked very hard to achieve that last year and we hope to do well again this year.

What Jamie hopes to accomplish with her winter team: This winter, I am hoping that we will win the competitions we are going to. It would mean a lot to me to win NCCC’s again as a senior and to place well at the other competitions where we’re competing.

Jamie’s favorite pro or college athlete: None

Jamie’s college plans: I hope to go to college somewhere in New England to become a nurse next year.

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