Stafford/East Windsor awarded win due to forfeit

CHESHIRE – back on November 22, the Stafford/East Windsor Bulldogs fell to Old Saybrook/Westbrook 41-22. However, the CIAC deemed that Old Saybrook/Westbrook used in ineligible player, a penalty that resulted in the forfeit of the victory.

The winning team used a player that was required to sit out one game due to a disqualification.

With the CIAC football playoffs around the corner, and standings used to decide seeds and inclusion in the state tournament, the change could impact some of the points given to teams who have faced each team. Forfeit wins and losses are treated the same as any other win or loss in the point system.

“CIAC rules require that any use of an ineligible player triggers a forfeit for the offending team,” CIAC Associate Executive Director Paul Hoey said. “Both teams involved in the game have been notified of the situation, and with this result potentially impacting the playoff status of other teams due to the football points system, it was important to resolve the issue quickly.”

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