Student Athlete of the Month: Somers’ Folger

Julianne is currently ranked No. 1 in her class, and is just as dedicated on the playing field. She has played varsity soccer and softball for four years apiece, and is the last defender in soccer.

How Julianne prepares before a game: I like to mentally prepare and physically prepare. Mentally,  I like to get into “game mode” meaning think of my goals for the game and find out who the other teams best players all. As for physical I like to stretch, practice volleys, and practice my first touch on the ball.

How Julianne has improved this season: I have become a stronger and more aggressive defensive player. I have also improved on my communication to my surrounding teammates.

Julianne’s most memorable moment as a Spartan: Beating our record from last year. As a group of 12 seniors and some younger girls it is likely that there will be a lot of drama. This is not the case. We have a really strong team bond. I feel confident saying I will stand up for any of my team mates and they will do the same. It is sad to think this is my last year playing with girls I have been with since elementary school.

Julianne’s favorite pro athlete: Derek Jeter

Julianne’s college plans: City University in a pre-med track.

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