South Windsor B defeats Glastonbury in Rose Bowl

On Sunday, November 10th the South Windsor Panthers B team took on the Glastonbury Tomahawks for the CTYFL Rose Bowl Championship. After beating East Hampton to advance to the finals, South Windsor Panthers had an impressive performance in its Rose Bowl Championship, beating Glastonbury Tomahawks 27-7, finishing the season at 5-5. It was evident during the playoffs, the boys took on a different focus and came together as a team, executing both their defensive and offensive plays. This season was marred by injuries and untimely big plays.

The game included a solid performance by the offensive lines of both teams, including the following Panthers: Jack Perra, Daniel Kelly, Tanner Kobrzycki, Roy Clemons, Bailey Lash, David Kvadus, Chris Magee, Devin Murphy, Alex Goodale, Chris Lambert, Akhil Saini, Daniel Kim, Alex Blocker, Ahmed Eltahir, and Eric Peck. The work of the offensive line, winning the overall battles, allowed the Panthers to outgain the Tomahawks throughout the game. Also instrumental in the Panther’s offensive success was the downfield blocking of split ends Sean Weathers, Nick Rosa, and Max Kaull.

The offense was led by the three quarterbacks Copper Castellone, Xavier Copening, and Jack Samsel. The exchange of the football with center Tanner Kobryzcki and with the running backs was handled flawlessly.

The Panthers were missing several teammates from Sunday’s game who were important to their season’s success: Jacob Mello, Matt Brouwer, and Conner Farrell.

The game started with a three and out defensive stand by the Panthers. On the Panthers 1st possession, Malik Montgomery broke a 54 yard touchdown run, with key seal blocks by Malek Israel, Daniel Kelly, Bailey Lash, and Roy Clemons, led through the hole by Jack Perra (pulling guard). Shai Harrison powered up the middle for the extra point.

The Panthers scored on both of their two second quarter possessions. Elijah Kelly picked up a key 1st down run on a 4th and three, followed by a 31 yard touchdown run by Malik Montgomery with key blocks by Alex Goodale and Chris Lambert, led through the hole by fullback Shai Harrison. Shai Harrison powered up the middle for the extra point.

Glastonbury answered back with a 50-yard drive capped off with a 3 yard touchdown run. The extra point conversion was a fade pass to the corner of the end zone to make the score 14-7.

The next Panther possession started with an onside recovery by Cooper Castellone on an attempt by Glastonbury. Xavier Copening started the assault with a 35 yard quarterback sweep to the Glastonbury 21 yard line. The success of the sweep was a result of a great seal block by Nick Rosa, taking out three Glastonbury players. Jeremiah Taylor capped the drive with the next two consecutive power-right runs, ending in a 6 yard touchdown. The holes were huge as a result of blocks from Roy Clemons, Malik Montgomery, Malek Israel, Devin Murphy, and a cornerback block by Max Kaull. Shai Harrison walked into the end zone up the middle for his third consecutive extra point conversion as a result of a crushing pulling guard block by Jack Perra. Tanner Kobryzcki (center) sealed the trap on Shai’s three extra points with great blocking from the entire offensive line.

At the half South Windsor had a 21-7 lead.

The second half started with the Panthers controlling the majority of the clock in the 3rd quarter with a 55-yard hardnosed drive led by Elijah Kelly and Shai Harrison. The trap play success was due to the pulling guards David Kvadus and Jack Perra and reach blocking by the tackles. However, Glastonbury’s defense was able to strip the ball on the two yard line stopping the Panther’s advance. Glastonbury drove the length of the field highlighted by a 58-yard run saving touchdown tackle by Nick Rosa. The Panthers defense held strong and stalled Glastonbury’s drive at the 5 yard line. On the 1st play from scrimmage, Jeremiah Taylor broke a 95-yard touchdown sprint with great blocks from Malek Israel, Roy Clemons, and Jack Perra.

South Windsor’s defense stayed strong throughout the game, not letting Glastonbury’s solid running game to get on track. Although Glastonbury continually tried to get outside they were contained by Panther defensive ends Jeremiah Taylor, Shai Harrison, and Tanner Kobryzcki and by the cornerbacks Malek Israel, Xavier Copening and Max Kaull. Taylor had three quarterback sacks to shutdown the Glastonbury air attack. Running up the middle was negated by the nose-tackle play of Roy Clemons, assisted by the entire defensive line. The Panthers had several big penetrations by Jack Perra (including a quarterback sack) and his tackle teammates, taking down the running backs in the backfield. Strong linebacker work was led by Jack Samsel, Bailey Lash, Copper Castellone, and Nick Rosa. Rosa had several blitz‘s where he caused negative yardage.

The game was capped off first by an onside kick recovery by Nick Rosa at the Glastonbury 45 yard line, where Panthers were able to work the clock prior to giving the ball back to Glastonbury for their final drive. Xavier Copening ended the game with an interception on the 15 yard line, returning it for 45 yards.

The South Windsor Panthers B Football Team would like to thank their fans who attended Sunday’s game – your support was greatly appreciated. The Football Team would like to also thank our B Team CTYFL Regional & State Champion cheerleader squad; your support throughout the year raised the boys up and provided motivation.


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