Student Athlete of the Month: Fermi’s Vermette

Mackenzie is ranked 10th in her class, is in the National Honor Society, and has received the Clarkson University Award for High School Leadership. Athletically she is the captain of the varsity volleyball squad and holds the scool record for shotput in indoor track (32’2.5”).

How Mackenzie prepares before a game: I listen to music, I go over what I need to work on in my head, and if it’s a really big game I watch motivational videos specific to my sport. I’m also actually pretty superstitious when it comes to games so I always wear the exact same thing every game.

How Mackenzie has improved this season: I think I really improved not only as a player, but also as a leader this fall. Being nominated captain gave me the chance to help our team grow as individual players and teammates. There is no better feeling than knowing you made a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s as small as making them a better athlete, or helping them to understand the game even better.

Mackenzie’s most memorable moment as a Falcon: The most memorable moment I had in my school volleyball uniform would have to be this past volleyball season. It being my senior year, all of the moments were special to me, but I’d have to say being able to play (and beat) our cross town rivals on our senior night is something that is definitely memorable. Either that game or when my best friend and I, co-captain Sam DelConte, collided during one of our first home games this year! Both events are something I will never forget.

Mackenzie’s proudest moment of the fall season: My volleyball team’s most impressive accomplishment would have to be being able to play a few close games with some of the tougher teams in our conference.

Ryon’s favorite pro athlete: Jared Allen.

Ryon’s college plans: Attend a 4 year college to become a nurse

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