Student Athlete of the Month: Ellington’s Schirra

Erin is both an honor roll student and a scholar athlete, combining great work in the classroom with varsity athletics seamlessly.

How Erin prepares before a game: I try and find things to do during the school day to keep my mind preoccupied, just so that I don’t over think by the time I get to the game. I like to stay to myself and keep a clear head until team warm up, when I get amped up with the rest of the girls and get my pent up energy out into my saves.

How Erin has improved on the soccer pitch: During the fall season, my greatest improvement was my confidence in goal. I never used to believe in myself when I played soccer, and it was my biggest setback in my performance. After really pushing myself to trust in my instinct and hands, I felt like I was finally a solid keeper and that my team could rely on me to protect our goal.

Erin’s most memerable moment as a Knight: My most memorable moment in my high school uniform has to be our second win against Granby during this season. Granby is such a strong team and we were excited to be pushed against that caliber of soccer to see our team growth. There was so much energy and excitement running through our team with it being under the lights, on turf, during their homecoming weekend. My first ever varsity game was in Granby my freshman year, and I took away a broken finger along with a team loss. Playing that game really turned around my soccer memory in that town, and I couldn’t have been more proud of how our team left everything on the field, playing with each other, communicating, and working our hardest until the clock ran out.

Erin’s take on the 2013 soccer season: Our team has grown so greatly intellectually and physically around the game of soccer, and I think one of our biggest accomplishments was holding Suffield scoreless for an entire half. Suffield has a whole lot of talent, but so did we, and we really showed our team strength and composure during that game. It felt really great to know that we could take a fairly new defensive formation to the field and successfully pressure them out of their element. Everyone gave their all during that game, and I was really proud of our efforts.

Erin’s favorite pro athlete: Hope Solo.

Manane’s plans for college: I hope to complete a Physician’s Assistant program or become a nurse and specialize in pediatric oncology.

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