Student Athlete of the Month: Avon’s Snow

Angelique is the captain of the Avon Falcons varsity cheerleading squad. In addition, she coaches the Warriors youth cheerleaders.
How Angelique prepares before a game: By stretching out so I don’t pull anything during a game.  Also making sure I eat something before a game and drink plenty of water.  Once I put on my uniform I know that I will do great which builds my confidence and makes me smile. Having confidence and smiling is key to being a sucessful cheerleader wheater at a game or competition.
How Angelique has improved this off-season: During my offseason I practice my spirit which helps a lot during cheerleading season.  By always being in a good mood and smiling helps a lot with keeping my spirit high during games.
Angelique’s most memorable moment as a Falcon: When my cheerleading squad and I went to competition and took home first place.  Once my squad and I stepped on the competition mat I felt unstoppable.  During our routine all eyes are on us and all you hear are our voices, the music, and the crowd cheering in the stands.  Having so much energy in one room makes me even more excited and tells me I have to give it 110%.
Why Angelique is excited for the 2013 season: What I’m most excited about for this upcoming season is to see how far my fellow cheerleaders and I have come along since freshman year.

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