Student Athlete of the Month: Rockville’s Eitelman

Amy is more than just a co-captain of her varsity volleyball team and the recipient of the coaches award for golf. She also maintains a 95 GPA, is a member of the National Honor Society and has gotten honors every quarter.
How Amy prepares before a game: I hang out with my teammates, we try to joke around and create a positive atmosphere before the game.
How Amy has improved this off-season: I play in a travel league, practice with fellow teammates, and practice with my family.
Amy’s most memorable moment as a Ram: In a game I did a pancake, which is a very hard volleyball move (not the one you eat), and the refs did not count it.  The other team received the point.
Why Amy is excited for 2013-14: I am hoping that this year the volleyball team will qualify to make into the state tournament.
Amy’s favorite athlete: Misty May Treanor
Amy’s plans after she graduates: I plan on going into corporate accounting and playing intramural volleyball in college.

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