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Avon’s DeLivron more than just a coach for Falcons - TheSportsDept.com

Avon’s DeLivron more than just a coach for Falcons

Marty deLivron has been in the Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame since 1988 for coaching the Avon High School boys soccer teams to six CIAC state titles in 11 appearances in championship games. With 460 career victories in baseball and at least a dozen conference championships in the NCCC and defunct NWC, he might find himself enshrined again in the Hall of Fame.

As a coach of two persistently successful teams, deLivron has been the face of Avon athletics. But for the past three years, he has been making pivotal contributions to Falcons’ sports but not nearly in such a public way. He has been the assistant athletic director, working behind the scenes in helping Newell Porch, the athletic director, run the program.

“I don’t know how I’d do it without him,” Porch said. “He has such a wealth of information on Avon. He offers different insights and perspectives. Marty is completely supportive of the program. He does not offer recommendations unless asked. I ask him a lot, then I really listen to what he has to say and we discuss whatever it is.”

deLivron retired from teaching biology at the high school in 2005. He left boys soccer in 2004, starting in 1983. Falcons teams went 330-68-24 and won conference championships most years. Throughout his coaching days, deLivron always helped the athletic directors before Porch here and there but in an unofficial way. When Tyler Dew, a former Avon second baseman under deLivron who was paid to be the assistant AD, left his job to go to law school in 2011, deLivron decided to apply.

“It’s mind-boggling the time you have to spend and the different jobs you have to do [as assistant AD],” said deLivron, 66, a native of Mineola, N.Y. who moved from Burlington to Avon 15 years ago. “I had no idea of all the stuff that goes into being an athletic director.

“But it’s a fun job. We’re trying to make it more efficient and to have everything computerized to get more information. We have to hunt and peck now. We help the kids and coaches to be more successful.”

In a nutshell, deLivron, who spends approximately four hours a day on the job, is responsible for everything that Porch would otherwise handle when the athletic director is tending to another aspect of the operation and is temporarily detained. The bulk of the paperwork is handled by Porch, but deLivron is responsible for some, such as filings with the CIAC.

“Newell does all the heavy work and [handles] the administrative end of the job. For me, it’s not the total encompassing end of the job,” deLivron said. “He’s really carrying the load.”

Porch, though, appreciates the competence and thoroughness of deLivron doing “a myriad of things that have to be done on a daily basis.” According to Porch, deLivron assists him in scheduling, game site supervision, being the front-line, first buffer with parental concerns and communicating with other ADs and coaches.

“It’s everything I do when I’m not available,” Porch said.

deLivron is a 1970 graduate of Central Connecticut State College after transferring from Hofstra where he played baseball in his freshman and sophomore years and soccer only as a freshman. He played both sports and wrestled in high school. He coached the defunct Torrington Twisters of the New England Collegiate Baseball League for nine years, and Stephen Strasburg, of the Nationals, and Josh Zied, of the Astros, pitched for him.

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