Student Athlete of the Month: Somers’ Pruden

Sammie has been a varsity athlete since her freshman year, has a GPA of 10, and is a leader on and off the field for the Spartans.

How Sammie prepares: I try not to get stressed out and go into each game with a positive attitude. I usually listen to music and just hang out with my teammates.

How Sammie has improved this off-season: My strongest area has to be my running. Being a track runner, running has always come naturally to me. I think my stick skills have improved throughout my six years playing field hockey.

Sammie’s most memorable moment as a Spartan: My favorite career moment had to have been my first varsity game. I was so nervous but excited at the same time. I got to play with so many talented girls and we all worked together to win the game. It was a awesome feeling.

Why Sammie is excited for the 2013 season: I am really excited about this season. Our team has a great chemistry and we are always having fun together. Everyone is working really hard and it should be a promising season.

Sammie’s favorite athlete: Missy Franklin.

Korey’s college plans: After high school, I plan on attending a 4-year college; however, I have not chosen a specific college at this point.

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