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COMMUNITY MVP: Glastonbury’s Ouellette - TheSportsDept.com

COMMUNITY MVP: Glastonbury’s Ouellette

Gerry Ouellette’s contributions to the success of Glastonbury High School’s football and boys’ basketball programs over the past few decades may not be immediately apparent. However, the coaches Ouellette has served under are highly appreciative of the work he has done as the head statistician for both programs. From the moment Ouellette began as the head statistician for football 28 years ago, coaches have relied on his comprehensive stat-keeping to gain a stronger understanding of their teams.

Ouellette’s tenure began in 1986 when he volunteered to take on the role of head statistician. He quickly fell in love with the position and the opportunity it gave him to contribute to the program.

“I really began enjoying the job in the second season when I became close to members of the coaching staff,” Ouellette said. “I quickly decided that I wanted to stay on as long as possible. Being head statistician has always been very enjoyable and rewarding, and has become an important part of my life.”

As the lead statistician for Tomahawks football, Ouellette records every major statistic for both teams at each game and sends these numbers to head coach Scott Daniels following games, along with important facts and observations. Ouellette frequently discusses this information with Daniels in greater detail. He produces comprehensive season statistics for both the team and players, and said by the end of the season, “the Word document containing all this information is roughly 50 pages long.” In addition, Ouellette records career statistics for each player.

“It sounds like a lot of work, but keeping stats isn’t very hard for me at this point,” he said. “It’s become second nature.”

Daniels, who is entering his third season as head coach, said that Ouellette’s contributions to the team have been invaluable.

“Gerry is phenomenal at getting [the coaching staff] crucial information on both our team and opponents after each game,” Daniels stated. “I go to him for information before I even go to the media. We use the full stat package he provides to help discuss how we are going to approach opponents.”

Ouellette has also served as the head statistician for boys’ basketball for the past 16 seasons. He similarly records every major statistic for both teams and its players at each game and generates detailed season statistics, with the Word document running roughly 15 pages long.

Boys’ basketball Head Coach Jim Vaughan also praised Ouellette’s efforts.

“Gerry provides you with information that myself and my assistants might not initially be aware of,” Vaughan said. “He makes it easier for us to coach players. He’s great to have around, and I’m glad I can trust him as both a statistician and a friend.”

Ouellette has seen both programs have significant success during his tenure. He’s been present for football’s Class LL state titles in 1989 and 2008, as well as the introduction of the turf field at GHS. Ouellette fondly remembered both championship squads, and stated that the undefeated 08’ team was “amazing” and “the best team in school history”.

Ouellette has also been witness to the improvement of the boys’ basketball program. He said that the program has made great strides and that he particularly enjoyed the 2010-11 season, when the Tomahawks advanced to the LL semifinals.

Ouellette has worked with a number of fellow stat-keepers over the years, including Bill Crowley for 18 years with football. He said that Crowley taught him a lot about the role, and that the two became close friends.

Ouellette plans on continuing as head statistician for both programs as long as possible. He is not ready to give up the enjoyment or camaraderie the position provides.

“I want to be a part of these programs and contribute to their success as long as possible,” he said. “I still have the desire to help these coaches and kids out any way I can.”

When Ouellette finally steps down, he wants to be remembered by others for all the time he gave to Glastonbury High athletics.

“When people remember me, I hope they recognize all the time I devoted to these programs, the school and even the town, and that I did it all out of a love for GHS football and boys’ basketball.”

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