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Glastonbury 10-11 softball All-Stars left it all on the field - TheSportsDept.com

Glastonbury 10-11 softball All-Stars left it all on the field

The Glastonbury 10-11 softball All-Star team came together for a memorable month, one that took them within a stones throw of a state title berth.

And though the team ultimately fell short of getting past the state quarters, the girls left it all on the field. And what could be more memorable than that?

“I can honestly say I think the kids gave it all they had,” Glastonbury’s manager Matt Tierinni said. “They were overmatched, but those kids gave 100%. You play as hard as you can and the wins and losses take care of themselves.”

After opening with a loss to the Enfield All-Stars, Glastonbury bounced back with an offensive explosion, a 26-22 win over Darien in the losers bracket.

“In the game we won, Olivia Sadak, she pitched all 6 innings and that’s a big accomplishment. She gives it her all and leaves it all on the field. Lauren [Marimon] played third and first and Shannon [Kiniry] is probably 5’4” and doesn’t miss anything, she’s a fearless kid. They epitomized what the team was all about. Those two kids were the leaders on the team.”

The girls couldn’t keep it going the following afternoon, falling 14-4 to Seymour and ending a truly successful season.

“We practiced for almost a month,” Tierinni said. “We found it much more beneficial because the girls got to learn a lot more, and practice five days a week. When you are coaching the cream of the crop, you can push the kids and they really learn more.

We tried to set the tone early. We said ‘listen, you’re an All-Star for a reason and were going to push you to be better.’”

And the Glastonbury girls responded by working hard, and getting better.

“The kids did the best they could,” the coach said.

“We left it all on the field and that’s all you can do. That’s how our team plays, they gave it their best every game.”

As a coach, Tierinni and his staff were able to work hand-in-hand with the young club, helping them to build on their skills and get ready to continue competing at a higher level.

“The night before the tournament, we took the kids out to Luna’s,” Tierinni said. “One of the parents said ‘you can really see the kids are better and that goes to coaching.’ The kids allowed us to push them harder than they have before and they competed at a competitive level. The kids deserve all the credit they really do. It’s a tough idea for a 10 or 11 year old to get the concept of, but they allowed us to push them in that month period. It was very rewarding for a coach.”

Photo by Melanie Oliviera, Photosfromthesidelines.com

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